About us

The Collegio Universitario Internazionale di Roma (CUIR) – Rome International University College – has the aim of hosting both Italian and foreign students in order to promote not only their didactic but also cultural formation, by organizing courses inside the College, offering scholarships and prices for academic papers and monographs, and, finally, by helping the cooperation among professors and universities, as it should be in a world of free teaching and free thinking.
The CUIR “Collegio Universitario Internazionale di Roma” Association  is a non-profit Moral Entity established in Rome on September 13th 1990.  It has been designed in order to answer the increasing need of a high-level study and life environment which was suited to the huge number of students getting together into the capital of the Christianity in order to fulfill their higher education. The steady development of the College, which has grown in a few years until a hosting capacity of 82 students from 29 countries, without considering professors, represents an important proof of the importance of the project. Significantly, from the very beginning, has been College willingness of joining cooperative charitable projects, created together with European and non-European institutions. This activity constitutes one of the most spontaneous outcomes of the international vocation of CUIR.

The CUIR’s administration is divided into the following authorities:

  • General Assembly: composed of the People and the Entities who participated in the establishmen of CUIR, and by who have been called to join it. The General Assembly takes responsibility for the approval of prior and final balance sheet and it takes care of the appointment of the other CUIR’s authorities.
  • Steering Committee: composed of five members. It takes care of the ordinary and extra ordinary administration of the association, preparing the prior and the final balance sheet.
  • President: he represents CUIR in front of third parties and before judges, and he guarantees the implementation of the decisions made by the General Assembly and the Steering Committee, whose meetings he summons and presides over.
  • Segretary General: he is appointed by the Steering Committee, which establish his specific purposes.
  • Audit Office: composed by three members, it monitors the financial aspects of CUIR’s administration.